1. Chrome tank cap;  2. Black steel bracket mounting straps;  3.1/4NPT threaded outlet - bottom center of tank.
4. Baffle plate welded in the tank reduces weight transfer from shifting gasoline;  5. Rollover Vent Valve;  6. High quality in-line ball
valve;  7. Four feet of fuel hose;  8. Straight brass outlet fitting;  9. Elbow 90 degree outlet fitting.10. Three way tee fitting;  11. Ten
hose clamps;  12.Thread sealer. 13. Aluminum Fuel Tank.
Tour Tanks now Include an Installation Kit
8" Diameter x 16" Long
Approximately 11.3 Liters*
$289.00 USD Plus Shipping
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10" Diameter x 16" Long
Approximately 19 Liters*
$299.00 USD Plus Shipping
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$59.00 Shipping
via USPS Priority
* The amount of fluid a container will hold is impossible to give an exact rating.  Factors such as temperature, Always
leave some space in the top of the tank for expansion.
High Quality In-Line Quick Disconnect Hose Fitting.
Features Viton O-Rings and Valved Shut-off on both sides.
$23.95 Each and Free Shipping With Tour Tank Order
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Chromed Tour Tank Replacement Cap
   $12.95 and Free Shipping  With Tour Tank Order